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Providing cutting edge, white-label financial management solutions for banks' corporate clients
Our mission

Our mission is to empower banks with innovation in order to enable them to acquire new corporate clients and serve their existing clients better.

By leveraging the bank's financial services, we help banks to stay competitive in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing market.

With our advanced technology and innovative solutions, we help banks increase efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Whether it's through the use of advanced analytics, automation, or digital tools, we are committed to helping banks drive growth, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly digital world.


Our core 

values & ideas


We win and lose together by owning results as a team, across levels of leadership and execution


Guma stands for honesty, sound moral principles and is focused on doing the right thing

Customer Driven

We build things that matter, for whom it matters most, delivering the right solution at the right time, and zero fluff


We innovate across all aspects of our activity. From core technology to business process


We make ourselves accessible for our stake holders, meeting them where they are with minimal friction

Impact focused

We align all levels of the company for positive impact, focusing on what actually matters

Schedule A 
Product Demo

Our team is happy to go through our process with you, addressing any questions you may have on Guma’s technology, compliance, infrastructure and more.

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